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Q: Is there a minimum order for your products?

A: No, there is no minimum order. Your group can consign as many or as little discount cards as you please and return what hasn't been sold. You can also pre-sell the cards and we will send you the exact number of cards that have been ordered. Some of our products, such as the custom discount cards do have a minimum, because we are making a card specifically for YOU! Your representative can help you decide what the best product is and how to eliminate any risk. We realize you are in this to RAISE MONEY and we will help you do that!

Q: I'm not confident my kids will actually sell. How can I be sure they'll be motivated to participate?

A: Most students do not like to participate in fundraisers, that's a fact. But Card of Savings™ offers the best products, the best prizes (in select markets) and a professional fundraising consultant to help your group raise the most money possible. When students understand the need for the money and they are properly motivated and rewarded for their participation, they will help out. See our training section for advice on how to have a successful fundraiser.

Q: How do I know my customers will like your products?

A: Our marketing team works hard to develop products that are in line with national trends and that will appeal to a wide group of people. Most of our products are custom developed by Card of Savings™. And all products are attractive to the consumer.

Q: How do we get started with a fundraiser?

A: You may start by completing the Information Request Form on the contacts page and we will be happy to contact you with more information. Or if you need immediate assistance, please call us at 1-866-890-4545.

Q: It seems to me the longer we sell the more we make. But our fundraising representative says we should keep our program short. Why is that?

A: It's a lot like giving homework to students. If you give a student 4 weeks to do a paper, most will use just the last few days to do all the work. By keeping it short and focused, your participants are more likely to have good results.

Q: My representative has suggested having a photo taken with your banner when we start our fundraiser and submit it to the newspaper. I think my students will think that is a gimmick. Why is that necessary?

A: It's called promotion. When a new movie comes out, you'll see the ads, the posters, the displays and all types of advance promotion. Borrowing from that idea, Card of Savings™ knows you'll ALL (you included) get "into it" if you make a big deal about it. And you'll have more fun and make MORE MONEY, too!

Q: I'm opposed to giving prizes to the students. I'd rather make the extra money. Why should we give prizes?

A: Prizes motivate your students, therefore, it's probable you'll make more money if you have prizes. Plus the students deserve a reward for their hard work and commitment to your program. And our statistics prove it -- you WILL make more money if you offer prizes.

Q: Is there a charge for materials, brochures, etc.?

A: No. There are NO charges for tools since they are available for download on the website. All the marketing materials are available as free downloads on the fundraiser tools page of this website. We do, however, offer full-color printing if needed.

Q: Do we have to pay for our products up front?

A: No. That’s the beauty of working with Card of Savings™. If you choose to consign our product we will ship you the amount of cards you and your representative determine best fits your group at no up-front cost to you. When you close out your program you send the unsold merchandise along with your payment back to Card of Savings™. How’s that for easy?

Q: Who pays for shipping?

A: Card of Savings™ will pay for the shipping of your product to you and will send you a prepaid shipping label when you are ready to ship any unsold merchandise back to us.  As an added convenience, you will be assigned a real live representative that will make all the arrangements with directly with you that will be most convenient to you. In most cases we will hand deliver and help you initiate your fundraising event in person.

Q: How do I return left-over products?

A: If you have unsold products and the fundraiser close date has not come yet, the first thing to do is to distribute those items to top sellers for them to re-sell. This helps you keep your profits! If you still have products to return at the end of your fundraiser, simply return the unsold product when you send your payment.

Q: Do we pay sales tax?

A: We follow the tax laws in your state. If your organization has a tax exemption number, you are not required to pay tax. (We require documentation to be on file to verify this fact). If you do not have a tax exemption number or your group is not tax exempt, you will be charged tax. Verify your tax status with your organization.

Q: To whom should checks be written when taking orders?

A: Checks should be written to your organization.

Q: I didn't receive an invoice with my main order, when will I receive it?

A: Invoices are mailed out a few days after your fundraising program has closed and had its final audit.

Q: We got our order of product but not the children's prizes. Were they sent?

A: Your prizes will be delivered by your representative or shipped separately from your product.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our corporate offices are in the California Central Coast, however we have several fundraising consultants throughout the state of California and are ready to assist you and your group. Call us at 1-866-890-4545 and we will be happy to provide you with more information. Or you may complete the on-line Information Request Form found on the contacts page.

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