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The Ultimate Fundraiser Discount Card
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“The kids were very excited and able to earn thousands of dollars for our school trip.” ~ Mr. Salinas, Santa Maria, CA

Card of Savings™ is a family owned company with its main office in the California Central Coast. Our primary business is providing full service fundraising products and opportunities for national, state and local youth based organizations.

Card of Savings™ prides itself on being a full service, one stop shop fundraising company. Card of Savings™ creates the card concepts, secures all of sponsoring businesses and finally prints the cards. This process allows our company to offer our youth organizations a SUPERIOR QUALITY, SUPER HIGH PROFIT, TURN-KEY fundraising product that fits their needs and directly supports their local economy.


The Ultimate Fundraiser

Inexpensive and useful product

Stimulates the local economy

No up-front investment

No boxes or heavy lifting

No subscriptions or forms

No food or spoilage

Card of Savings™ takes the opportunity one step further, our sales representatives are not just “order takers”, they are “fundraising specialists” who help the organization from start to finish. From the time the fundraiser kicks off, by motivating the kids and participants at the beginning, by taking a group photo and creating a press release and sending it to the local newspaper, to helping the group leaders managing the fundraisers, to doing the final count and closing out the fundraiser, our representatives are there every step of the way.

Card of Savings™ makes all of its card products available to their groups and organizations on a consignment basis, giving our group the ability to gear their kids to sell product with no up-front cost. Card of Savings™ will take back any unsold card allowing the organization to enjoy a risk free fundraising opportunity we refer to as “PAY FOR WHAT YOU SELL”.

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