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The Ultimate Fundraiser Discount Card
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“I saved $3 on lunch and $9 on our family’s dinner at a local restaurant!” ~ Eric B., Pismo Beach, CA

Save money, donate to worthy causes and support local businesses!

The fundraiser cards include great offers from local restaurants, entertainment, and other services that people use on a regular basis. Best of all, the card has unlimited uses throughout the year. The card pays for itself fast in 1-2 uses. Your "Everyday" Discount Card!

A unique edge...the cards also have exclusive bonus keytag offers that can be put on a keychain!

The Card of Savings

The Ultimate Fundraiser

Inexpensive and useful product

Stimulates the local economy

No up-front investment

No boxes or heavy lifting

No complicated subscriptions or forms

No food or spoilage

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Fundraisers...With no up-front investment.
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Savings...Your everyday discount card.


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